We all know how wonderful the winter weather is in Florida. That’s what makes Anna Maria Island such a popular destination when much of the rest of the continent resembles the North Pole.

But did you know that Fall is a really great time to visit AMI?

1) The best weather happens in the Fall. The days are warm, still in the mid 80’s, but the summer humidity is gone, and the colder winter days are yet to happen. The nights and early mornings are pleasantly cool, perfect for an evening walk or bike ride.

2) The Gulf temperature is still wonderfully warm. Like the lovely Fall days, the water temperature is usually still in the 80’s making swimming and water activities like paddle boarding, kayaking and boating great Fall activities.

3) The tourists have gone home, skip the crowds! With the kids back in school across the continent as well as on the island, things are pretty quiet. It wouldn’t be unusual to have the beach practically to yourself. That goes for any other attraction too.

4) There are plenty of fun events in the Fall of 2015 on Anna Maria Island including:

– Bayfest on October 17th, a music, food and craft festival held at the corner of Pine and Bay Blvd.. Fun for the whole family.

– Trail of Treats on October 30th, a fun time where the kiddos can dress in their best Halloween costume and collect treats from participating businesses on the island.

– ArtsHOP November 13, 14 and 15th, including art walks, music and theater. A great cultural event.

5) Your holiday will cost less! Just about everything will take away less of your hard earned money. Air fare, car rentals and Anna Maria Island vacation rentals all follow the law of supply and demand. Less demand equals more savings for your beach holiday.

Talk about a perfect storm, everything that is wonderful about visiting Anna Maria Island but for less.

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