Front of Blue Turtle Cottage on Anna Maria Island

Vacation Rentals have been gaining popularity over the past several years. Why do people choose a vacation rental for their holiday instead of a hotel?

Vacation rentals are, on average, more economical than the nightly rate at a hotel. This is especially true for a family or larger group. But that’s not the only way a vacation rental can save you money.
Wifi, multiple TV’s, DVD players and often video games are normally included in a rental, so you can stay entertained while staying in. And you are more likely to want to stay put with the generous space and comfort compared to just a room. This can be very handy with kids.
Having a full kitchen not only allows you to have the food and beverages you want, but you are not forced to purchase every meal and drink out. This not only saves money, but makes it easier to eat the way you want or need to. You can still choose to eat out, but when you want.
Hotels can charge exorbitant amounts for laundry. If your favourite shirt gets a stain or your swimsuits are full of beach sand, no problem at a rental! Most have a washer and dryer at your disposal. This makes it easy to pack light, you may avoid overweight charges for your bags when you bring home souvenirs or your shopping haul too.

Vacation rentals, unlike hotels, are usually located in a residential area. This allows you to live like a local, a whole different experience than staying in a touristy area.
You can learn a lot about your chosen location by staying where people actually live. Its likely to be quieter as well. The tourist sights and activities are all the more enjoyable when you have a quiet, spacious rental to relax in between activities.
If you make some new friends or are travelling as part of a larger group, a rental in a residential area provides a pleasant place to entertain and gather.

The privacy of a vacation rental is a big draw. Not only are you more comfortable with the space and amenities inside, but outside as well.
Condos usually have a balcony or lanai for your own use as well as recreation areas that are less crowded than large hotels.
Houses have a yard , and in warm climates, often a pool for your enjoyment.

More room to play inside and out makes a vacation rental a great choice for your holiday!

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